Imagine a cider as good as its label. Crisp, with a perfect balance of sweet and tart. Crafted in small batches from fresh pressed local apples. Unfiltered and free of preservatives and added sugar. A living cider so full of natural flavor and fruity aroma it leaves you feeling uplifted. Stop imagining. In 2012, North Country Hard Cider began with a dream of a pure, fresh cider. Now you can enjoy that vision realized.

We make an all-natural craft cider; one that maintains and highlights the intricate flavors of the apples we use.  Our ciders are neither traditionally dry nor extra-sweet. Instead, our ciders are slightly sweet, with a touch of tartness, a complex flavor profile, and incredible drinkability.  We use only apples and yeast and do not add sulfites, preservatives, or additives.  This practice allows us to highlight the cider’s pure and fresh flavor.

 Click image for Tap List.

 Click image for Tap List.

Join us in our tasting room to sample our nine ciders on tap.  Purchase your favorite ciders to take home in a can or growler.



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