Crafting a quality cider requires special care in its production. First, we use local apples because their freshness is essential to our process.  These apples are carefully selected and sourced at their peak from local orchards whose agricultural methods we trust. To ensure the quality and freshness of the juice, we work with Giles Family Farm to press our apples. 

We press and blend a wide variety of antique and heirloom apples, as well as other well-known types, and are continuously seeking new varieties to use in our seasonal and single offering ciders.  Since we are committed to improving our cider, we have planted over 500 trees on our family farm and have used the apples from this experimental orchard in some of our ciders.  We have found that some of these antique and heirloom varieties have produced exceptional ciders that far surpass what is on the market today.   Last year we teamed up with one of our apple growers to plant 5,000 apple trees to use exclusively in our cider.  

We will continue to work to improve our products and to develop new and exciting flavors to help build our local and regional following.