Growler Basics
We offer 32oz. and 64oz. growler fills at our tasting room which provides the freshest North Country Hard Cider possible.  All growlers should be kept refrigerated and unopened until they are to be consumed! An unopened growler can last at least a few weeks but an opened growler last a maximum of two days.   That is not to say the cider goes bad, it just looses carbon dioxide, goes flat, and risks oxidation. Oxygen deteriorates the quality of the cider over time.

Growler Exchange
Once a growler is empty it can be brought to the cidery for another fill.  Our system is to swap the dirty growler with a growler that has been cleaned in a sanitary washer, sanitized, and purged with carbon dioxide. These steps are to ensure you are consuming the best possible cider.

Growler Law
New Hampshire law does not allow a cidery to fill any growler but its own whether it is from NH or out of state. We only fill growlers that we prepare. There is no “deposit” on our growlers. You are purchasing the glass and they are yours to keep.