All of our ciders are additive and preservative free. Please keep refrigerated.

Original Press

Original Press

Our delicious flagship cider.  This cider has a medium sweetness that is perfectly balanced by a subtle tartness.   Made from a blend of modern, heirloom, and antique apple varieties from New Hampshire and Maine. Like all our ciders, it is unpasteurized, unfiltered and additive and preservative free.  5% ABV

Fire Starter

Fire Starter

Many people have called this cider "warm apple pie" or "fireworks in your mouth". We just call it delicious.  A medium-sweet cider flavored with cinnamon, habanero and pomegranate. Made from New Hampshire and Maine grown apples. 5% ABV

Honey Badger

Honey Badger

A single varietal cider made from Maine grown Honeycrisp apples. Our lightest, cider.  It has a medium sweetness with a crisp and clean finish. 4.5% ABV



The first of our dry hopped series of ciders, Hopshire is complex and off dry. Made from a blend of standard and heirloom fruit, we dry hop with Mosaic and Citra to achieve floral-citrus notes and just the right amount of hoppy flavor. 5.75% ABV



This is a medium sweetness cider that we ferment with blossom honey from the Maine. This cider is very floral with pronounced apple and honey notes. 7.8% ABV

Bottled Specialty Cider



Bitter Brothers Bourbon Barrel

We take our Bitter Brothers blend and age it for six months in Jim Beam barrels. It is a smooth and dry cider with mild bourbon and oak notes. New Hampshire and Maine grown apples.  6 % ABV



Berry Brett

Fermented first in stainless steel with our house yeast, this cider is then aged in bourbon barrels for six months with wild berries and a blend of brettanomyces.  Berry Brett is a dry, lightly carbonated cider best enjoyed at cellar temperatures. 8 % ABV

Seasonal Ciders

Ciders available at our cidery for tastings or growler fills.

Bitter Brothers Blend:   A series of ciders with extra bite to challenge your taste buds. This cider has a medium sweetness with plenty of big tart flavors. Made from New Hampshire and Maine grown apples, including apples from our farm in Central Maine. 5% ABV (Spring Seasonal)

Phil:  This off-dry tart green apple cider is named for a local patron and restaurant owner. 5.8% ABV (Winter/Spring Seasonal)

Wulf Kitty: This cider is infused with tart cherries from Western New York, fresh ginger, and tangerine zest. It’s medium-sweet with just a bit of tartness from the cherries and a light amount of spice from the ginger. 5% ABV (Fall/Winter Seasonal)

Pineapple Thunder: This cider quickly became a crowd favorite with its huge fruit flavor, leaving everyone wanting more. A sweet cider that we flavor with pineapple, lime zest and cilantro.  4.8% ABV (Spring/Summer Seasonal).

Sweetie Pie: Our first summer seasonal. A medium sweetness cider that we flavored with fresh strawberries and rhubarb.  5% ABV (Spring/Summer Seasonal)

Dark and Cidery: This cider is our version of a Dark & Stormy cocktail. A medium-sweet cider that we added plenty of fresh pressed ginger, lemon zest, vanilla and spices to. It’s the perfect boat, beach, and mountain summer cider. 5.5% ABV (Summer Seasonal)

Better Half: We infused this cider with decaffeinated black tea, lemon, and mint to create the summer's most refreshing cider. If you like a half and half you will love this medium sweetness cider. 5.7% ABV (Summer Seasonal)

Beary Patch: A limited edition cider made from raspberries. This medium-sweet cider is tart and bursting with berry flavor. 5.5% ABV (Summer Seasonal)

Wild Blue:  We blend this cider with wild Maine blueberries and ginger.  Sweet, refreshing, and loaded with blueberry flavor, Wild Blue boasts a huge fan following.  5% ABV (Summer Seasonal)

Ginjah Baby: This medium sweetness cider is made with cranberries from Massachusetts and gallons of fresh juiced ginger for a very spicy, tart, and refreshing experience. 5% ABV (Summer-Fall Seasonal)

Branch Breaker: A single varietal cider made with Ginger Gold apples and nothing else. This medium sweetness cider is light in color and has a unique mild apple flavor. 4.8%ABV (Fall Seasonal)

Squashed: For this cider we blend fire roasted Kabocha squash (which looks and tastes very similar to Buttercup squash but is a bit sweeter) into our cider and season it with a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. It has a very smooth mouth feel with huge squash flavor.  6% ABV (Fall Seasonal)

Cranbarrel: This cider is aged in bourbon barrels for 6 months then we introduce cranberries from Massachusetts which gives this off-dry cider great acidity and brightens the barrel flavor. 5.75% ABV (Fall/Winter Seasonal)

Rye: Aged in rye whisky barrels from Flag Hill Distillery in Lee, NH, this cider is heaven for those who like barrel aged ciders. It is off-dry and has bold vanilla and whisky notes that are complemented nicely by the light oak from the barrels. 6.75% ABV (Fall/Winter Seasonal)

Old Forrest:  This off-dry cider is aged in 7-year-old Woodford Reserve barrels.  These special barrels give the cider a wonderful vanilla nose and rich color from the oak and char of the barrel. 6% ABV (Fall/Winter Seasonal)

Northern Comfort: Often called “holiday in a glass.”  It is a medium-sweet cider made with a unique blend of mulling spices, ginger, and orange zest. Made from New Hampshire and Maine grown apples. 5% ABV (Winter Seasonal)

Sugar Shack:  This cider is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of spring.  A medium-sweet cider flavored with extra dark amber maple syrup, fresh-pressed ginger, and a touch of black walnut. Made from New Hampshire and Maine grown apples. 5% ABV (Winter/Spring Seasonal)

Tree Shaker: The antique and heirloom apples for this cider are grown on a small orchard in Strafford, NH.  The cider is off-dry with fresh apple “crunch” and a mildly tannic backbone.  6.4% ABV (Fall/Winter Seasonal)

Crabby Bastard:  The creation of this cider is an annual collaboration with Giles Family Farm. This off-dry cider is a blend of Dolgo Crab apples and Spencer apples, all grown on the Giles Family Farm in Alfred, ME.  6% ABV (Winter)