All of our ciders are additive and preservative free. Please keep refrigerated.

Original Press

Original Press

Our delicious flagship cider is a blend of modern, heirloom and antique apple varieties. Lightly sweet with a hint of tart and a complex, balanced flavor profile, it is crafted from New Hampshire and Maine grown apples. Like all our ciders, it is unpasteurized, unfiltered and additive and preservative free. 12 oz.,  5% ABV

Fire Starter

Fire Starter

Our semi-sweet cider flavored with cinnamon, habanero, and pomegranate has been called warm apple pie or fireworks in your mouth. We just call it delicious. 12 oz.,  5% ABV

Honey Badger

Honey Badger

This single varietal cider made from Maine grown Honeycrisp apples is our lightest, cider. Honey Badger is mildly sweet with a crisp, clean finish. 12 oz., 4.5% ABV



The first of our dry hopped series of ciders, Hopshire is complex and off dry. Made from a blend of standard and heirloom fruit, we dry hop with Mosaic and Citra to achieve floral-citrus notes and just the right amount of hoppy flavor.12 oz., 5.75% ABV



We ferment this semi-sweet cider with apple blossom honey from the same Maine orchards where we source our apples. This cider has floral and honey notes and plenty of apple flavor. 12 oz., 7.8%ABV (Spring/Summer Seasonal)

Bottled Specialty Cider



Bitter Brothers Bourbon Barrel

This dry cider is aged before undergoing a secondary fermentation in Jim Beam barrels.  With an oaky nose and plenty of big apple flavors, Bitter Brothers Bourbon Barrel pairs well with food and is excellent for sipping. 500 ML, 6% ABV



Berry Brett

Fermented first in stainless steel with our house yeast, this cider is then aged in bourbon barrels for six months with wild berries and a blend of brettanomyces.  Berry Brett is a dry, lightly carbonated cider best enjoyed at cellar temperatures. 500 ML, 8 % ABV

Seasonal Ciders

Ciders available at our cidery for tastings or growler fills.

Bitter Brothers Blend:   Lightly sweet with plenty of big tart flavors, Bitter Brothers Blend packs an extra bite to challenge your taste buds. With New Hampshire and Maine grown apples, this cider also includes apples from our farm. 5% ABV (Spring Seasonal)

Phil:  This off dry tart green apple cider is named for a local patron and restaurant owner. 5.8% ABV (Winter/Spring Seasonal)

Wulf Kitty: This semi-sweet cider includes tart cherries from Upstate NY, fresh ginger,  and tangerine zest. Refreshing and tart, Wulf Kitty finishes with a touch of ginger. 5% ABV (Fall/Winter Seasonal)

Pineapple Thunder: This semi-sweet cider includes pineapple, lime zest and cilantro.  With its unparalleled flavor, Pineapple Thunder quickly became a tasting room favorite. 4.8%ABV (Spring/Summer Seasonal).

Sweetie Pie: Our first summer seasonal, Sweetie Pie is semi-sweet cider blended with fresh, local strawberries, rhubarb and a touch of maple syrup. Wild strawberry flavor and a hint of tart rhubarb pairs deliciously with this cider. 5% ABV (Spring/Summer Seasonal)

Dark and Cidery: Our version of a Dark & Stormy includes plenty of fresh pressed ginger, lemon zest, and a touch of vanilla. It’s the perfect summertime cider. 5.5% ABV (Summer Seasonal)

Better Half: We infuse this semi-dry cider with decaffeinated black tea, lemon, and mint to create the summer's most refreshing cider. If you like a half and half, you will love sipping this one in your backyard hammock. 5.7% ABV (Summer Seasonal)

Beary Patch: This small batch cider is blended with fresh picked local raspberries and sweetened with local maple syrup. Beary Patch is semi-sweet, tart and bursting with berry flavor. 5.5% ABV (Summer Seasonal)

Wild Blue:  We blend this cider with wild Maine blueberries and ginger.  Semi-sweet, refreshing, and loaded with blueberry flavor, Wild Blue boats a huge fan following.  5% ABV (Summer Seasonal)

Ginjah Baby: This semi-sweet cider is made with Massachusetts cranberries and tons of fresh juiced ginger for a spicy, tart, and refreshing cider experience. 5%ABV (Summer-Fall Seasonal)

Branch Breaker: This single varietal cider is made from Ginger Gold apples and nothing else. Light and semi-sweet, Branch Breaker is packed with apple flavor. 4.8%ABV (Fall Seasonal)

Squashed: With Kabocha squash, a sweeter version of buttercup,  and a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger, Squashed is smooth and sublimely tasty. 6%ABV (Fall Seasonal).

Cranbarrel: After aging in barrels for 6 months, Cranbarrel is infused with Massachusetts cranberries which give it a balanced acidity and a very bright barrel flavor that pairs well with food. 5.75%ABV (Fall/Winter Seasonal)

Rye: This semi-sweet cider is aged in rye whisky barrels from Flag Hill Distillery in Lee, NH. With vanilla and whisky notes, Rye finishes with a light oak flavor. 6.75%ABV (Fall/Winter Seasonal)

Old Forrest:  This off dry cider is aged in 7 year old Woodford Reserve Barrels that give it a complex nose with notes of vanilla and a rich color from the oak and char of the barrel. 6%ABV (Fall/Winter Seasonal)

Northern Comfort: A semi-sweet cider with a blend of mulling spices, ginger, and orange zest, some folks say it tastes like the holidays. This one pairs perfectly with pumpkin pie. 5% ABV (Winter Seasonal)

Sugar Shack:  This semi-sweet cider flavored with extra dark amber maple syrup, fresh-pressed ginger, and a touch of black walnut is like a party in your mouth. Sugar Shack is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of spring. 5% ABV (Winter/Spring Seasonal)

Tree Shaker: A blend of antique apples built around the delicious and versatile golden russet.  This is a dry cider with ample body.  6.4% ABV (Fall/Winter Seasonal)